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Are you considering a Prom limo for you or a loved one? Prom is a special night for any boy or girl, and their first prom will always be remembered whether it went well or poorly. It’s important to make sure that every detail is perfect that night, including the clothing, food and even the transportation. For many boys and girls, the prom will signify the last night as teenagers and transition into adulthood where they will move onto college, work life, etc. This is the last opportunity as a parent to give a gift to your son or daughter. Hiring a prom limo service can ensure that they arrive safely, that their clothing doesn’t get ruined, and that they have fun while they are traveling to homecoming.

Tiffany Limousine Montreal provides limos for all types of occasions, including proms and homecomings. We offer luxurious, safe and fun limousines that will surely impress you. You can even bring your friends along and impress them with your sense of class. Our chauffeurs are well trained, knowledgeable and quite friendly. Not to mention they are reliable and prepared when it comes to your child’s special night.

We understand that the day of graduation is a special and you want it to be perfect to every detail, our limousines provide many benefits that would otherwise be missed by traveling using regular transportation. Some include the reliability of our chauffeurs. Our chauffeurs are well prepared and will prepare routes to your prom location, they will make sure to drive your special ones safely all the way through and guarantee satisfaction and comfort for everyone in the limousine. Another benefit is the entertainment systems included in graduation limos, our limos are equipped with the most recent top of the line equipment including high-end audio system, drinks, plasma TV’s and DVD players, and list goes on.

We take pride in our prom limo rental service, and will always strive to please our clients by being reliable, friendly and focused. If you’re looking for a prom limousine, a graduation limo, or even both, we offer several types of packages with a variety of features including different entertainment systems, limo designs and chauffeurs. As a parent, you can rest assured that your son or daughter will be safe with our chauffeur, they are punctual and will make sure they are on time and prepared for any possible delays. By hiring our prom limo service your son or daughter will receive the perfect gift and you will know that they are in good hands.

This is a special night for you, your child and his/her friends, make sure to choose the right limo service and feel comfortable knowing that Tiffany limousine is the right choice for you given our outstanding service, professionalism, reliability and pricing.

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